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Technocrates Building 1st floor, Jamuaon, Khanpur, Ballia, 221718


New technologies are transforming how social scientists in a wide range of fields do research. The series, New Technologies for Social Research.

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Serve Area (We are covering area total 48+)

Ahirouli (AHL)
Babhnouli (BHL)
Baraitha (BRT)
Bhimpura No.2 (BMP)
Bhojupur (BJP)
Bhuara Khunt (BKT)
Bihraharpur (BPR)
Bishunpura (BSP)
Charouan (CRN)
Chhitikiya (CTA)
Chitauni (CTN)
Farsatar (FSR)
Govapar (GPR)
Habsapur (HPR)
Holpur (HLR)
Idlispur (IPR)
Jaldipur (JPR)
Jamuaon Khanpur (JKR)
Kaithi Khatimpur (KTR)
Kamrouli (KML)
Karni (KRN)
Khandwa (KWA)
Lahsani (LHN)
Makhdunpur (MDR)
Malipur (MPR)
Malkauli (MKL)
Masuria (MSR)
Molnapur (MNR)
Nadpalia (NDP)
Nanoura (NNR)
Naurangia (NRG)
Nichuadih (NDH)
Padsara (PSR)
Pal Chandraha (PCH)
Parsia (PSA)
Pashuhari (PHR)
Rachhauli (RCL)
Rajpur (RJP)
Rampur (RPR)
Rupwar Bhagwanpur (RBR)
Saddopur (SPR)
Shahpur Afga (SPA)
Sujanapur (SJP)
Supapali (SPL)
Telma (TLA)
Tendua (TPF)
Thakurahi (TKH)
Tirnai (TRI)
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Username and password. Former faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees will not be able to login and use our computers. If you have problems with your login or do not have a UH username, please see a lab monitor for assistance. If you are having problems with your VIA login and password, please contact your sponsor.

It is recommended that you save all data to your own personal media (USB drive, CD-RW/DVD-RW, etc.) as this gives you the best protection and security against power outages and crashes. We do not recommend saving any data to the hard drive of the computer you are using as those files are removed upon logoff/restart.

You may use thumb drives, and other external storage devices. Feel free to ask an on-duty lab monitor for assistance with installation, if needed. Software installations require prior approval. You will need to email ITS Lab one (1) week in advance. We will then notify you with what will happen in regard to the software. Any software under consideration must have explicit licensing which allows installation in a university computer lab.